Brushing & Flossing

Interdental Toothbrush

An Interdental (between the teeth) toothbrush is used to clean underneath and around your wires and braces. Use the Interdental brush gently to avoid damaging your wires. The Interdental brush will help you to clean your braces while maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Antibacterial Mouthwash

Savacol, an antiseptic mouth rinse, will reduce inflammation to your gums and cheeks. Savacol helps to prevent infection and decrease irritation that may develop from your braces.

Adults use 10 ml undiluted Savacol Alcohol Free.

Children under 10 years use 5 ml undiluted Savacol Alcohol Free.


Spit out. If throat or mouth infection persists , contact us.
For Mouth Ulcers, use moutwash 3 times daily. For Dental Plaque & Gingivitis, use mouthwash twice daily. For maximum benefit use after brushing and flossing.
Caution: Savacol may cause reversible staining of the teeth & tooth-coloured restorations. It may lead to increased tartar production and a temporary alteration in taste perception. Stains resulting from the use of savacol will not adversely affect the health of your gums and can be removed by your dental professional. It is important to see your dentist for the removal of any stain or tartar at least every six months or more frequently if your dentist advises.


Fluoride Mouthwash

NeutraFluor is a sodium fluoride mouthwash that helps prevent tooth decay while you are wearing braces, by killing bacteria and replacing minerals in tooth enamel that have been exposed to harmful acids. The use of NeutraFluor does NOT replace daily brushing and flossing. Please read the instructions on the NeutraFluor bottle carefully before use.

Children 6-12 years use 5ml.

Adults and children over 12 years use 10ml.

Use once a week, preferably at bedtime after thoroughly brushing the teeth, rinse vigorously around mouth and between teeth for one minute, then spit out. It is important for the active ingredient to stay on your teeth for 30 minutes, so do not wash it away by eating or drinking.

Cleaning Your Removable Appliance

Brush your removable appliance every day as a part of your regular brushing and flossing schedule. Because food particles and plaque can accumulate on your appliance just as they do on your teeth, soak the appliance daily. Dissolve a Polident or other denture-cleaning tablet in a glass of tap water at room temperature and soak your appliance once every day. Your appliance will taste better, and you will prevent plaque and bacterial accumulation.