Meet the Team

Meet the team at Peel Orthodontics who will be with you every step of the way. They will be on hand to support you on your orthodontic journey towards a more beautiful smile.

Sarah Watson

Sarah Watson

Practice Manager

I have been with Peel Orthodontics since November 2021. I hold Diploma in Practice Management and am currently studying towards a Degree in Business Management.

Being a part of the amazing transformations that Orthodontics can achieve is most definitely the highlight of working in this industry. Sharing in the patient journey and experience and seeing the changes in confidence and self-esteem is inspiring.

I enjoy working with the hard-working dedicated team here at Peel Ortho and there is always a positive vibe, which really creates an amazing atmosphere to work in.

In my spare time I enjoy walking, spending time with family and friends, and watching films.



Orthodontic Therapist

I have been working in Orthodontics for more than 20 years! I have an Associate Diploma in Dental Therapy and hygiene.

In Orthodontics, I enjoy the relationships you develop with the patients and their family members throughout their treatment.

At Peel Orthodontics, I love the support from the Dental Nurses and other clinical staff; the atmosphere is excellent.

I enjoy long train rides in my spare time, which gives me time to read. I also spend time drinking coffee and swimming.



Orthodontic Therapist

I have worked in the industry for 19 years after graduating with an associate Diploma in Dental Therapy from Curtin University.

Aspects of orthodontics that I really enjoy is seeing a patient at their first appointment. They won't smile because they are self conscious, but the day they have their braces off, they just can't stop smiling. It's gorgeous to see and very rewarding.

I enjoy working at Peel Ortho because of the wonderful staff. Everyone is lovely and supportive.

In my free time, I spend time with family and friends, playing with my two gorgeous dogs Milly and Winston as well as catching up with my lovely son Jacob who's 20. I also dolphin and bird watch and bike ride to the estuary.

Some of my hobbies include knitting, gardening, country drives and travelling - when able to.



Orthodontic Therapist & Digital Treatment Planning Coordinator

I have worked in the industry since 2018 after graduating from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Science (Oral Health Therapy).

The main aspect of Orthodontics that I enjoy is to see how happy the patients are in the clinic and are fascinated by the progression of their Orthodontic treatment. Work at Peel Ortho, I enjoy working with an amazing team in a warm and welcoming environment.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family and experiencing different burger joints. My main hobby is mountain bike riding…to burn off all those extra calories from the burgers!



Treatment Coordinator Team Leader

I have worked in the dental industry for 10 years after qualifying with a Certificate IV as a Dental Assistant. Before this I was in Office Management and hold a Certificate IV in Supervisory Management. I joined the team at Peel Orthodontics in 2012. The team spirit and girls are great fun, and it is a good environment to work in. I enjoy meeting the new patients, putting them at ease and starting them on their way to the smile they have always wanted.

Working with Dr Ash and seeing the positive results our patients achieve through their orthodontic treatment encouraged me to have braces myself to improve my smile. This has given me a greater understanding and appreciation of the process and the experience a patient goes through to reap the lifelong benefits of orthodontic treatment.

In my free time, I read do gardening and take long country walks.



Treatment Coordinator / Clinical Care Coordinator

I completed my Certificate 3 and 4 in Dental Nursing in 2009 and have worked in orthodontics for 10 of those years since graduating.

I really enjoy the fast-paced environment of orthodontics as it allows me to help a vast number of patients of many ages. Seeing our patients every 6-8 weeks also allows me to get to know them on a personal level as well.

I love working at Peel Ortho as it is a family-based environment that prides itself on improving the quality of care for its patients.

I’m married with two little boys that keep me very busy. Running after toddlers is a full-time job in itself! I have a passion for homes and interiors as it gives me such joy! After completing a renovation online course, we are now onto our second renovator's delight.



Treatment Coordinator / Clinic Care Coordinator

I am new to the Orthodontic industry, starting my journey here at Peel Orthodontics as a patient. I attained my cert IV in Dental Assisting in July 2021. I really enjoy the variety there is to Orthodontics and I am excited to be a part of where the magic happens and seeing the fantastic smile transformations and share in the patient journey.

I spend my free time with my family and friends, going to the beach and nature walks. Some of my hobbies include roller-skating, baking and trying new arts & crafts activities.



Clinic Team Leader

I have worked in the Specialist field of Orthodontics for the past three years after achieving Dux of the class for Certificate 4 in Dental Assisting.

I love Orthodontics as the patients smile transformations are amazing. I enjoy working at Peel Ortho as we have such a friendly environment with both the team and patients.

When I am not working I spend time with my kids and dog and enjoy swimming, craft, TV and movies.



Clinical Care, Stock Control & Lab Work Coordinator

I have worked in the Industry for five years and achieved a Certificate III and IV in Dental Nursing in 2019. I was very proud to receive the Practical Excellence Award in this course in 2019.

I enjoy working at Peel Ortho as it's a family friendly environment and I enjoy meeting new people. I love seeing patient smile transformations and how their confidence grows.

In my free time I go to music concerts with my husband, as well as going to the beach and exercising. I enjoy reading, listening to music and arts and crafts.



Clinical Care & Lab / Appliance Delivery Coordinator

My family moved to Mandurah over 20 years ago as the Peel region has so much to offer.

I have worked in the dental industry for over 30 years having qualified as a dental nurse and progressing through to a Clinic Manager. I decided to make the transition back into nursing in orthodontics and I’m thoroughly enjoying the change.

I love helping people achieve a wonderful new smile and confidence. I also enjoy the great team at Peel Ortho as well as the fabulous patients.

When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with family and friends, going to live bands and out for meals together with travelling. I also delight in the water and everything it conjures - boating, kayaking, and jet-skiing. Reading, playing cards as well as gardening and crabbing are some of my pastimes.



Patient Care & Digital Treatment Planning Coordinator

I have worked in orthodontics for 4 years, I really enjoy working in Ortho because being involved in patients journeys from start to finish is such a rewarding experience. Orthodontics can help improve the confidence in people and being a part of their new found happiness is a wonderful job to have.

Peel Orthodontics has the most amazing team of people, everyone is so lovely and friendly which makes coming to work everyday a pleasure. Gone are the days of dreading Mondays! There’s such a fun upbeat atmosphere here and our patients feel it too.

In my spare time, I enjoy baking, reading and spending time with my partner, Dan, and 2 kids. They are heavily involved in Dance and Karate so I’m often running to and from training sessions most days. I am also very passionate about photography and videography and always seem to have a camera to hand!



Clinic Care & Front Desk Coordinator

I have worked in the industry for five years after gaining my Certificate 3 and 4 in Dental Nursing.

I love developing a relationship with our patients on their journey, and seeing their confidence grow as they achieve their ultimate smile goals.

I enjoy working at Peel Ortho as we have lovely and welcoming staff who are professional and great at what they do. They make treatment fun and exciting for their patients.

When I am not working I am a mum to five children and enjoy time at the beach with my family. My hobbies include exercising at F45, outdoor activities with my children as well as watching my husband play football.



Clinical Care Coordinator

I have been in the dental industry for over 3 years after completing certificates 3 & 4 in Dental Nursing in 2021. In those 3 years, I have been working in the specialist field of Orthodontics, starting with Peel Orthodontics 8 weeks into my course in 2020.

I have previously completed my Master’s training in fitness, equivalent to certificates 3 & 4, through the Australian Institute of Fitness.

The aspect of Orthodontics that I enjoy the most is being a part of the patient’s journey from the beginning to the end of their treatment. Seeing the changes and transformation they go through to a beautiful smile.

It is a rewarding and satisfying feeling when you see the patient and family members’ emotions of happiness when braces or appliances are removed and they see their new smiles.

I enjoy working at Peel Orthodontics as they are a very welcoming, caring, and supportive bunch of individuals. They are always very caring for their patients and are always on top of the quality of treatment they give.

When I am not working, I am a busy wife and mum of 3 beautiful children. They all keep me on my toes. I spend my free time with my energetic family and fur baby. I love to catch up for breakfast, lunch, or dinner with family and friends. I love participating in various indoor and outdoor fitness activities to stay fit and active. I also enjoy baking and spending time in my veggie garden.



Front Desk Coordinator & Steri Assistant

I am new to the Industry but have an extensive background in customer service roles. I am also a qualified Beauty Therapist and Community Support Worker.

As a Community Support Worker, I was very honoured to receive Support Person of the Month several times. It meant a lot to me to know my efforts had been recognised.

In orthodontics, I love being the first team member to greet patients and build that connection. Working at Peel Orthodontics is like being part of a family, I enjoy working with such fantastic people and patients.

I enjoy going to the gym in my spare time, and I collect butterflies and insects as a hobby - I have started a bug wall!



Front Desk Team Leader

I am brand new to the world of Orthodontics, so I have no specific qualifications in this area, but I have over 4 years of administration experience and am soon to complete my Certificate IV in Health Administration.

One of my greatest work achievements was when I collaborated with colleagues in a previous role and helped create and implement a call flow training course. Being a part of something impactful really makes the role fulfilling.

What I am starting to love about Orthodontics is how we are able to manipulate teeth to create the perfect smile for our patients. The team at Peel Ortho are so kind and welcoming to staff and patients. Everybody is so passionate about teeth!

In my spare time, I love camping and exploring our beautiful state. In my down time, I enjoy baking, playing video games, digital art creation, and four-wheel driving!



Front Desk & Dental Monitoring Coordinator

I am new to Orthodontics but have over 8 years of experience working in a school administration role. My previous role has enabled me to gain plenty of experience working with children and families as well as extensive administration skills. One of my proudest work achievements was developing a system that enabled the workflow to be more efficient.

I really enjoy working with people, so I’m excited to be working in the Orthodontic space and being a part of the patients' smile journey. Being able to see the transformations of patients' smiles is a special privilege.

In my spare time, I enjoy boating with my family, fishing and reading.

Types of Invisalign®

At Peel Orthodontics, we have embraced the Invisalign® method and offer four different versions of this appliance:


This is the most effective option if you need major orthodontic work. The aligners will deliver the results you want to see in around 12 to 18 months.


Invisalign® Lite: Minor correction of teeth can be achieved with Invisalign® Lite. You could have a straighter smile in as little as six months.


Minor problems affecting the front six teeth can be corrected with Invisalign® Express. You can expect to see results in just three months.


Orthodontic problems in young children can be corrected or reduced with Invisalign® First aligners.

Invisalign® aligners are suitable for teens as well. For our teen patients we can fit a blue dot
wear indicator on each set of aligners as a reminder to wear the aligners for the
recommended 22 hours per day.