Orthodontic Treatment

At Peel Orthodontics, we provide treatment options for children, designed to support their oral health and their smiles as they grow.

Early orthodontic treatment can be key in preventing the need for costly treatments later in your child’s life. The Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO) recommends that children are seen by an orthodontist between the ages of 6 and 8. This is because many orthodontic issues are easier to correct if detected at this early age before jaw growth slows.

How to know if your child could benefit from orthodontic treatment

At this young age, your children’s teeth have gone through a lot. If your child is showing symptoms of crowding, incomplete bite or over/underbite, they may need orthodontic treatment.

At a consultation, we will assess your child’s teeth and jaw and advise what orthodontic treatment is needed.

First-Phase treatments

We offer a variety of first-phase treatment options. These treatments are designed to guide the growth of your child’s jaw and teeth as they grow. They include:

  • RME (Rapid Maxillary Expander): This small device gently widens the space in your child’s upper jaw, aiding growth space and preventing crowding. By turning a small screw in the middle of the device, pressure is placed on the two halves of the upper jaw, helping to expand them.
  • LLA – Lower Lingual Arch: An LLA may be used if a child’s lower teeth are slightly crowded. This device is attached to the molars and acts to maintain space in the jaw, preventing crowding.
  • URA – Upper Removable Appliance: Like a retainer, URAs can be used to correct minor orthodontic issues like crossbites and movement of individual teeth.
  • Twin Block: This removable appliance is made of two blocks, worn at the same time to help correct overbites.
  • Nance Appliance: This appliance is commonly used as a space maintainer to prevent upper molars from drifting forward.

Make an informed choice

We recommended that you book a consultation with our team to discuss how Peel Orthodontics can help transform your child’s smile.

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