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Braces treatment at Peel Orthodontics

At Peel Orthodontics, we offer four different types of braces, giving you the option to choose the best appliance for your teeth and budget. Dr Ash will advise you on the appliance we recommend at your consultation

For any Braces treatment, you should always read and follow the label and the instructions of your treating orthodontist.

Empower metal braces

Traditional metal braces

At Peel Orthodontics, we like to use the latest orthodontic technology. This means, we offer patients self-ligating braces, which are the modern version of traditional metal braces. When most people think of braces they immediately think of the appliance more commonly known as ‘train tracks’. Traditional metal braces are made up of three components: metal brackets which are fitted to the front of your teeth; thin metal archwires which connect each of the brackets; and small elastic bands which wrap around the brackets to apply pressure to your teeth. Although these have improved with technology over the years and are now smaller and more comfortable to wear, self-ligating braces which we use here at Peel Orthodontics, takes our patients' treatment journeys one step further. Self-ligating braces are more technically savvy and the archwire is programmed to respond to the movement of your teeth. This means more effective treatment, accurate results and faster treatment times.

Empower clear braces

Clear braces

Using the same method of brackets and archwires as traditional metal braces, clear braces provide patients with an added bonus of being a more discreet treatment option. Made from ceramic, the brackets are fitted to the front surface of your teeth but blend in with the natural colour of your teeth, making them much less noticeable than metal brackets. A further advantage of clear braces is the ceramic braces tend to be much smaller, making them more comfortable to wear. At Peel Orthodontics, we recommend clear brackets to many of our patients who require major orthodontic treatment but don’t want it to be immediately obvious they are wearing an orthodontic appliance. 


Invisible braces

Another of our discreet and popular treatments is Invisalign. These aren't braces in the traditional sense because there are no brackets or archwires; rather, they use clear, plastic aligners which look like a thin sports mouthguard to slot over your teeth to move them into position. Invisalign aligners, which are removable to make brushing, flossing and eating easier, achieve excellent results and can be used to treat major and minor orthodontic problems. 

Benefits of braces

No matter what type of braces you are fitted with, there are many benefits to having orthodontic treatment. Every type of brace is:

  • Highly effective at achieving a smile you can’t help but show off
  • Extremely efficient – braces are always working to straighten your teeth, even when you’re asleep
  • Extremely accurate and at Peel Orthodontics we custom-make braces to fit your mouth

Book an orthodontic consultation with the friendly team at Peel Orthodontics to discuss which type of braces you could benefit from.

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