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At Peel Orthodontics, we know that planning your orthodontic treatment can seem overwhelming, strange and exciting all at the same time. We want to put you at ease which is why we take you through each step of the journey, starting with your first visit.

Meet one of our Treatment Coordinators

When you arrive at Peel Orthodontics for your initial visit, a friendly Treatment Coordinator will attend to you. They will capture images of your mouth, teeth, smile, and facial profile. (In case you possess private health insurance, X-rays will also be taken.) However, if you don’t have insurance, we may request that you undergo an X-ray at SKG in Mandurah prior to your first appointment. We have a special arrangement with them, allowing our patients with a Medicare Card to receive bulk billing.

Once the necessary images have been obtained, one of our Specialist Orthodontists will engage in a conversation with you. It’s worth noting that all required X-rays, regardless of insurance coverage, are conducted here at our clinic. These X-rays are encompassed within the consultation fee.

Finance information

After receiving the treatment recommendations from the specialist, our treatment coordinators are available to address any inquiries you may have and provide you with details regarding pricing and financing alternatives.

This initial appointment is scheduled for one hour and carries a cost of $275. As a gesture of convenience, we directly bill your private health fund for all the expenses related to photos, x-rays, and analysis, given that you have an insurance plan.

Should you choose to proceed with the recommended treatment, please note that we no longer subtract the consultation fee of $275 from the overall treatment cost. However, we gladly accept all Health Funds, and it’s important to mention that Dr. Lau is fluent in Mandarin, allowing for effective communication with Mandarin-speaking patients.

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